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Req-9812Mobile Product ManagerSan Diego, CADirect Hire
Req-9820Linux System AdministratorSan Diego, CADirect Hire
Req-9902Mobile Marketing ManagerSan Diego, CA Full time direct hire
Req-9911VP of TechnologySan Diego, CA Full time direct hire
Req-9915UX DesignerSan Diego, CAFull time direct hire
Req-9916Voice Services Engineer ( must have VoIP experience)San Diego, CAFull time direct hire
Req-9918Embedded Linux Software EngineerSan Diego, CAFull time direct hire
Req-9920Backup and Recovery EngineerSan Diego, CAFull time direct hire
Req-9921 Director, SQA Process and ToolsHoboken, NJFull time direct hire
Req-9925IT Project ManagerLos Angeles, CAFull time direct hire
Req-9930Hardware EngineerSan Diego, CAFull time direct hire
Req-9931Software EngineerSan Diego, CAFull time direct hire
Req-9933Systems EngineerLos Alamitos, CAContract
Req-9935Channel ManagerSan Diego, CAFull time direct hire
Req-9936Services and Support Assistant ManagerSan Diego, CAFull time direct hire
Req-9937PHP Developer. San Diego, CAFull time direct hire
Req-9938Technical WriterLos Alamitos, CAContract
Req-9939Front End Web DeveloperSan Diego, CAFull time direct hire
Req-9940Sr. Embedded Software Engineer (Contract) San Diego, CAContract
Req-9941Embedded Software EngineerVista, CAContract
Req-9942Network EngineerLos Angeles, CAContract
Job ID:Req-9812
Job Title:Mobile Product Manager
Description:Desired Skills & Experience:
• Meet regularly with multiple business units to understand and articulate mobile product requirements necessary to achieving business unit objectives
• Have the ability to assimilate and synthesize multiple inputs for possible product direction into a set of priorities based on existing business goals and company strategy
• Work with an engineering manager counterpart, provide leadership and product direction to teams working on specific product initiatives
• Run daily iOS and Android scrum teams
• Collaborate with product and user interface designers to generate mobile user experiences that achieve product business objectives
• Work with product quality control teams to ensure that shipped products include the functionality required to meet business objectives
• Stay current and knowledgeable about mobile and web products that are competitive to Company
• Provide visibility into mobile product development initiatives by communicating with the product marketing team and others about upcoming product releases and the value that those releases provide to customers
• Familiar with agile methodologies

Required Skills & Experience:
• A post-secondary degree, in computer science, business and/or engineering or equivalent work experience
• 4+ years of mobile internet product management experience
• Experience with iOS and Android apps and the mechanics of the Apple iStore and Google Play store
• A track record for rapidly developing and releasing mobile features
• A deep understanding of social media and the social media marketplace

Additional Job Details:
• You will work with the design and engineering teams to deliver products that meet specific business goals.
• You will oversee the building of existing products and champion new ideas based on interactions with the product team, other departments and customers while leveraging your familiarity with the competitive social media landscape.
• You must possess both a strong business sense and prowess for data driven decision making.
• You also have the ability to manage the mobile vision as it fits within the broader Company roadmap while delivering releases in a fast paced irrelative product lifecycle.
• You are an excellent communicator and leader who is comfortable interacting with any and all product stakeholders, technical or nontechnical.
Job ID:Req-9820
Job Title:Linux System Administrator
Description:The System Administrator will be accountable for the systems that support the infrastructure and information systems, including but not limited to, Asset Management, Configuration Management, and Incident Management. Responsibilities include SA engineering and provisioning, operations and support, maintenance, and research & development to ensure continually available operations and next-generation innovation.

Must have skills:

• Proficiency with UNIX/Linux solutions, and Amazon AWS
• Familiar with the following UNIX flavors:
o FreeBSD, OpenBSD, Ubuntu, CentOS, Debian
• Ability to work under pressure resolving customer-impacting incidents
• Ability to identify tasks which should be automated and then write tools to automate them
• Multitasking & Time Management
• Strong knowledge of local networks (IPv4)
• Strong knowledge of system configuration, security, paging, swapping & RAID configurations
• Ability to learn and apply new knowledge by personal initiative
• Ability to work on non-business hours responding to business needs

Required Experience:

• 4+ year experience on UNIX/Linux Administration
Must have Amazon AWS experience.
• CS Certification required
• Administration of the following services:
o DNS, BIND, NTP, NFS, DHCP, Samba, Apache
• Shell Scripting, PHP & Perl scripts
Job ID:Req-9902
Job Title:Mobile Marketing Manager
Description:Our client is a communications company with a freemium calling and messaging app, looking for a marketer to help them drive downloads and in-app purchases.

Things we are looking for in a candidate:
• Self-motivation with attention to detail
• Ability to use logic to rationalize workflow efficiency
• Natural curiosity with a passion for learning
• Team oriented
• Ability to multi-task

What to expect:
• Fast paced, high demand environment
• A culture that embraces continuous improvement, promotes creative thinking, and empowers those that take action in the interest of the customer and the company
• A team that strives to provide end-users with product experience that has a positive impact on their day

MUST HAVE Qualifications:
• Plan mobile ad campaigns, A/B test those campaigns, and work with web tools to manage them and measure success.
• Experience with incentivized download programs, real-time bidding and traditional ad impressions
• Develop creative promotion strategies to acquire new loyal mobile app users
• Experience with Apple App store, Google Play store – mobile app store optimization
• Adjust marketing strategies based on data gathered through analytics tools to optimize campaigns.
• Be very very web saavy: your google-fu is legendary and you are comfortable within minutes of using a new web tool.
• Be an independent worker, always looking for creative solutions to make the biggest impact.
• Have working knowledge of marketing for iOS & Android.

Additional Advantages:
• Familiarity with Inbound Marketing/Content Marketing a plus.
• Write for B2B and B2C audiences in a variety of mediums, such as social media and longer format work (blog posts and by-lined articles).
• Knowledge of communications technology a plus (VoIP, SMS, chat, etc.)
Job ID:Req-9911
Job Title:VP of Technology
Description:Due to accelerating growth and demand for our products, we have an immediate need for a full-time VP of Information Technology (VPIT). Reporting to the Chief Technology Officer (CTO), the VPIT will be responsible for the company’s global network and telecom infrastructure, data centers, software applications, IT support, infrastructure systems, and integrated applications. S/he will perform strategic planning and collaborative leadership to ensure the effective and efficient design, development, implementation, maintenance, and scaling of said information systems.

Things we are looking for in you:
• Self-motivation / self-starter / self-manager
• Extreme attention to detail
• Ability to use logic to rationalize workflow efficiency
• Ability to make tough decisions - rationalize them, explain them, and own them
• Ability to manage a diverse team of IT professionals in dispersed locations across the globe

What you can expect:
• Fast paced, high demand environment
• A culture that embraces continuous improvement, promotes creative thinking, and empowers those that take action in the interest of the customer and the company
• A team that strives for peak performance at all times
• Entrepreneurial, fun, energetic, passionate staff

Position Responsibilities / Candidate must be able to:
• Assess issues regarding information systems and create manageable solutions.
• Direct and manage IT plans, schedules, policies, and programs
• Oversee change management policies that ensure five nines uptime.
• Apply contemporary business principles integral to a high-tech organization.
• Navigate through data management complexities in a global business environment.
• Coach and develop staff and provide timely performance management feedback.
• Develop and execute a technology strategic business plan that supports the global goals of the organization.
• Oversee the purchase, license or lease and maintenance of technology hardware and software for the organization including service and license agreements.
• Develop and manage technology policies and procedures.
• Ensure the development, implementation and testing of a disaster recovery plan and Information security policies.
• Develop and manage vendor relationships to ensure cost-effective purchasing decisions
• Evaluate risks and create appropriate response plans
• Evaluate existing and new and emerging technologies and collaborate with leadership and
other staff to research, implement and maintain technology products.
• Provide leadership in planning for future technology directions and help other organizational leaders understand the complexities of information resources, service delivery, technologies, and the information

• Master’s Degree in Information Technology preferred; will consider Computer Science or Software Engineering degrees with Management degree and appropriate experience
• Minimum of 5-7 years of Senior Management experience preferred.
• Minimum of 10 years of Information Technology management experience with proven ability
to lead and effectively manage staff.
• Demonstrated experience implementing and maintaining solutions in an enterprise environment.
• Software development experience mandatory – preferred high level proficiency in PHP
• Experience with “big data” warehousing, ETL, and analytics.
• Experience with architecting and administering large-scale cloud based systems.
• Extensive systems administration expertise mandatory
• Possess knowledge of client/server and web-based systems architectures.
• Experience with globally diverse network architecture and geographic redundancy
• Proficiency with Agile and Scrum methodologies
• Proven ability to translate business objectives into information technology initiatives
• Proven strategic leadership skills. Ability to collaborate effectively with other departments and organizations.
• Proven ability to demonstrate executive presence and work closely with other senior executives to identify and prioritize how information technology will be used to support the organization’s business plan
• Proven ability to make difficult decisions in the best interest of the organization’s business plan.
• Excellent verbal and written communication skills.
• Ability to work long and irregular hours as needed.

Bonus Points:
• VoIP systems architecture
• Amazon Web Services
• F5 Load Balancer Administration
• MySQL, PostgreSQL, MongoDB
• Ubuntu, FreeBSD, CentOS
Job ID:Req-9915
Job Title:UX Designer
Description:Due to accelerating growth and demand, our client has an immediate need for a visually oriented User Experience Designer. The ideal candidate is interested in creating the future of communication and has extreme attention to detail. You’ll be joining a team of designers contributing to the interface design, brand, and strategy - in an iterative agile environment. You must be able to solve complex problems in a simple, delightful way. You must be passionate about design that is both elegant and friendly. Your design should transform business and technical needs into design workflow that is loved by all types of users. You must have solid communication and written skills. You will be working collaboratively with development, marketing, product and QA. You must have the ability to coherently present your ideas in meetings and team settings for review and edit.

Required skills:
• Self-motivation / self-starter / self-manager
• Extreme attention to detail
• Ability to use logic to rationalize workflow efficiency

The work environment:
• Fast paced, high demand environment
• A culture that embraces continuous improvement, promotes creative thinking, and empowers those that take action in the interest of the customer and the company
• A team that strives for peak performance at all times

Position Responsibilities:
• Demonstrate the ability to apply up-to-date expertise in UX design to the development, execution, and improvement of every project.
• Prove you’re passionate about design - where it’s at and where it’s going.
• Transform complex business requirements into user flows (interactions), wireframes and functional specifications within process.
• Create the best visual designs based on the company’s brand, user experience rules, timelines, scope and development bandwidth.
• Exhibit extensible design aimed at optimized development of the product lifecycle over time.
• Create awesome apps for iOS and Android
• Demonstrate knowledge of iOS and Android Human Interaction Guidelines, and how to apply them to provide design that is at once familiar and delightful for native users.
• Understand development processes and frameworks for iOS and Android and how they affect design, timelines and scope.
• Design compelling responsive html5 applications for the browser.
• Rock the brand!! - be creative and take the site to new and interesting places.
• Meet with stakeholders to champion and integrate all the company products and services in a user centric fashion.
• Understand user demographics- what they need and what they respond to.
• Always strive for more - Never be satisfied with “good enough”.
• Use metrics and user feedback to drive the direction of workflow design.

• Photoshop, Illustrator
• Understand iOS apps – how organized, accessed, used, etc.
• Understand Android apps, too!
• html5 apps
• Responsive Design
• html5 / css3
• Twitter Bootstrap experience a plus
• Javascript is a plus
• Communication applications
• Usability testing, focus groups
• User centric polling / questionnaires
• Prior experience with communication apps a plus
• Prior experience with enterprise VoIP phone systems a plus.

Bonus Points:
• Telcom Experience
Job ID:Req-9916
Job Title:Voice Services Engineer ( must have VoIP experience)
Description:Job Description:
Our client provides service to their customers via telephone and e-mail. The available position is for a Technical Support Agent. You’ll provide troubleshooting and technical support via phone, web based tools and email. You’ll advise customers regarding the product's proper use and address specific user issues.

What you can expect:
• Fast paced, high demand environment supporting multiple functional areas with various service level requirements
• A company that is committed to customer service being a critical function of business success and business value
• An environment that embraces continuous improvement, promotes creative thinking, and empowers those that take action in the interest of the customer and the company
• A culture that strives to provide customers with a service experience that has a positive impact on their day

Position Responsibilities:
• Deliver an outstanding customer experience by demonstrating engagement and interest in the customer’s situation, by asking questions, and by actively listening to determine your customer needs.
• Able to establish rapport and maintain confidence with the customer to fully resolve the customer’s technical issue.
• Effectively follow and execute actions using tools and resources available.
• Work in a team environment by supporting and assisting other team members as required.
• Identify opportunities to improve the quality of service and products we provide to our customers.
• Develop customer-facing documentation for our website and knowledgebase on an as-needed basis.
• Demonstrate a professional and courteous attitude with customers, co-workers, and site leadership.
• Train others, on-the-job, in essentials of various Unix operating systems, Voip systems, and network concepts.
• Review, plan, and evaluate existing customer network systems.

Things we are looking for in you:
• Passion and commitment to providing the best possible service to customers
• Self-motivation with attention to detail
• Ability to use logic to rationalize workflow efficiency
• Natural curiosity with a passion for learning
• Deep desire to help others be successful
• Strong sense of the value of customer service and the drive for exceptional results
• Team oriented with experience in a team-focused approach to service
• Ability to multi-task, while simultaneously address complex situations and events with professionalism and efficiency

• 2 years of Telcomm and Networking education or experience required
• Knowledge of IP routing technology, configuration and administration
• Network+ and/or CNAA a plus
• Strong understanding of troubleshooting techniques and practices
• Must have the ability to multi-task, as well as be detail driven
• A self starter who is goal driven and responsive to deadlines
• Flexible with the ability to adjust to changing and evolving priorities
• Ability to communicate effectively with others and build trust and credibility
• Strong written, verbal, and presentation skills
Job ID:Req-9918
Job Title:Embedded Linux Software Engineer
Description:The Embedded Software Engineer will have a prominent role in the design and development of new Linux-based embedded software products. The central challenge in this position is the design and development of feature-rich embedded software under the constraints of high quality, high reliability, high performance, low power and unattended operation. The Embedded Software Engineer will be involved with developing new products and new technologies that make a difference in a number of fields.

Job Responsibilities
• Design and development of embedded software in C and C++ for new and existing products.
• Serve as a core team member on medium and large projects. Serve as a lead designer on small to medium projects as required.
• Serve as technical reviewer on new and existing designs.
• Provide advanced application support to sales, marketing, and customer service personnel as needed.
• Possess an awareness of new and advanced technologies and their applicability to company products.
• Propose concepts and improvements for new and existing designs and techniques.

- BS Engineering or Physical Science
- Minimum 5 years of industry or academic experience in development of embedded systems
- Minimum 3 year of industry or academic experience with embedded Linux
- Minimum 3 year of industry or academic experience with C++
- Excellent analytical and math skills.
- Excellent written and verbal communication skills.
- Knowledge of embedded Linux (especially kernel, BSP, and driver development).
- Ability to read and understand schematics.
- May require light physical labor; lifting objects up to 30 pounds
- Occasional work in a marine environment on small boats or larger vessels
- Ability to work safely around test tanks and electrical equipment.
Job ID:Req-9920
Job Title:Backup and Recovery Engineer
Description:The Backup and Recovery Engineer is responsible for the research, design, installation, configuration and maintenance of various backup and restore infrastructure technologies. The successful candidate for this position will be well versed in current server, storage, and backup technologies, detail oriented, and have excellent problem solving skills. The focus of this position will be to provide the organization with a senior level of technical skill with respect to Backup and Recovery and the ability to architect a solution that is sustainable for the future. In addition the successful candidate will have a strong working knowledge of operating systems, server hardware, and networking and how these entities are integrated into the infrastructure to support the corporate goals, business applications, product solutions, and their operational requirements.

• Assist in the research, design, implementation, and testing of a Backup and Recovery solution for multi-data center infrastructure.
• Assist in the installation, testing, migration and maintenance of backup software technologies and solutions.
• Manage backup environment for a Multi-Site Storage network, replication for DR, security, and performance.
• Troubleshoot backup software and hardware issues/failures - hardware, software, network, and performance.
• Collect and present data for reporting, technical direction, and capacity planning.
• Assist with planning and implementation of short and long-range strategies - changes in configuration, technology and processes pertaining to backup and recovery.
• Assist in training and mentoring staff.
• Rotating on-call responsibilities.

• 7+ years of experience in I.S. comprised of enterprise management, operating system support, network communications, application integration, platform management and analysis, and operational process development and control.
• Experience in high availability, 24/7/365 virtualized infrastructures.
• Able to lead projects and project teams. project management skills helpful
• Able to solve problems using a methodical and logical approach
• Must be flexible to work occasional overtime on short notice
• Available to be on-call during off-hours on a rotating basis
• Bachelor’s degree in computer science or related field, or equivalent work experience

Preferred Experience:
• Backup Technologies: Commvault, Data Domain, Redgate, Tape Technologies.
• Storage Technologies: EMC DMX, Celerra, Clarion, 3PAR. SAN Directors: Cisco, McData.
• Server Technologies: IBM P590, HP (Intel), SUN, VMware, Xsigo
• Operating Systems: AIX, Solaris, Windows, RH Linux
• Excellent script writing skills.
• Database concepts: MS SQL, Oracle.
Job ID:Req-9921
Job Title: Director, SQA Process and Tools
Description:The SQA Process and Tools Director, will build and direct - working with VP, Software Quality Assurance (SQA) - several (4-5) groups of resourceful and creative Business Analysts (BA) to work with all business verticals and company to introduce and implement Iterative and Incremental (I&I) software development process and supporting tools. This position requires a very thorough understanding of and significant experience with different flavors of I&I - such as Rational Unified Process (RUP) and Agile - and appropriate tools. The successful candidate will work with key members of the business community, EPMO, and GTS staff to set up and maintain I&I process and tools.

• 10+ years of managing process and tools transformation
• 10+ years of experience in setting up and directing staff training
• Proper level of communication of accomplishments, issues, and suggested ways of resolving these issues
• Ability to productively work with key members of business community, EPMO, and technology staff
• Ability to "sell" the selected process and tools to business community, EPMO, and technology staff
• Experience in solution optimization through prioritization and negotiation
• Experience in managing allocated budget
• Ability to set high standards and stick by them
• Good analytical and organizational skills; strong communication skills
• Bachelor degree in Computer Science, Electrical Engineering, or related fields

Compensation & Benefits:
• Competitive Base Salary
• Our client provides Incentive Plans to reinforce and sustain a culture devoted to excellent performance; to emphasize performance against specific objectives at the corporate, business, product line and individual levels; and to reward significant contributions that further the success of our business objectives.
Job ID:Req-9925
Job Title:IT Project Manager
Description:Manage low voltage projects (structured cabling, Wi-Fi, network rollouts, CCTV, access control, audio visual, Crestron control systems, video conferencing, IT/AV infrastructure). This will include managing the low voltage designers/contractors for each respective project and necessary deliverables, scope, timeline and budget. All these projects will need to be aligned with the Design & Construction group in terms of scope and timeline to insure the IT/AV infrastructure is developed in parallel with the rest of construction.

Must understand SD, DD, CD and CA phases of construction. Must know how to write construction level documentation for AV and IT infrastructure. Must understand how to put together a project plan for IT/AV projects and coordinate with MEP. Must understand construction plans

It's a plus if the applicant has network experience as well as cabling, audio visual and security infrastructure experience. The applicant will require experience in the tendering process as well as the bid review process. The applicant will have RFP writing and specification writing experience as well.

Below are requirements and expectations of the job:
• Design of network, structured cabling, CCTV, WiFi, and Access Control systems
•Coordinate structured cabling, security (CCTV/Access Control) and WiFi with SMEP.
• Coordination of conduit and electrical requirements
• Review pre-construction design and documentation
• Provide technical design, bid/service contract budgeting, miscellaneous material and labor estimates for budgets as needed.
• Provide proposal/bid/ review and guidance of low voltage systems
• Site surveys of IT/AV/Security as needed
• Contribute to review and approve System Descriptions
• Assume ownership of project installation when required
• Responsible for job documentation as needed
• Capable of commissioning IT/AV/Security systems for project sign off
• Establish and maintain positive and effective line of communication with the company’s team
• Ability to manage medium to large projects
• Demonstrate job site leadership
• Ability to test integrated system and train client on use
• Proficiency with test and calibration equipment
• Insure that the system will perform as represented
• Responsible for job documentation as needed
• Provide continuing engineer support during the installation phase
• Assist with project sign off
• Ability to diagnose complex system problems
• Meet with vendors/prospective vendors to help evaluate product if requested
• Assist other departments with technical support issues if needed
• Provide field service support if requested
Job ID:Req-9930
Job Title:Hardware Engineer
Description:Work as a hardware engineer, sustaining and maintaining existing CDMA M2M modules. Cover all aspects of the HW design, especially replacing obsolete components and advising on any Carrier approval testing, if necessary. Knowledge and experience of CDMA 2000 and Qualcomm chipset solutions a definite advantage.

• Training, information exchange and support of Technical Manager
o Creation of training material
o Hardware schematic reviews and advice, layout analysis
o Support to FAE for critical customer design upon Sales / FAE request
• Customer specific / small design projects
o Customization of core R&D deliverables (Hardware or Software)
o Supporting tools and reference designs
• Participation in product life-cycle process
o Preparation and delivery of technical field/market feedback in specification phase
o Maintenance of product support from ramp-up phase onwards

• 5+ years as a Hardware Engineer in cellular
• Good knowledge of RF design and measurement techniques
• Good understanding of wireless technologies: CDMA is essential. LTE is a plus
• Experience in using RF test equipment and base station simulators such as CMU200 and Agilent 8960
• Extensive knowledge of carrier requirements: Sprint and Verizon.
• Excellent written and verbal communication skills
Job ID:Req-9931
Job Title:Software Engineer
Description:Work as a member of a software team, covering all aspects of the development, integration and debugging of software in a real-time embedded environment. Assigned tasks would involve a range of activities, including the development of software features and test strategies for CDMA/LTE/UMTS modems, modem drivers and RILs for mobile phone platforms, and the investigation and resolution of issues for those products.

• Responsible for the design, implementation and testing of software features for CDMA/LTE/UMTS devices.
• Assist in defining requirements, designs and schedules
• Work with off-site team members to integrate and test features/components of a larger system
• Support the investigation and resolution of issues found during test, certification or field use

• 5+ years in an embedded software engineering role, ideally in the wireless industry
• Good knowledge of real-time firmware/embedded software development, software architecture, system design, object oriented analysis & design, C/C++
• Good understanding of wireless technologies: CDMA, LTE, WCDMA, HSPA, UMTS, GPS, with expertise in at least one of these
• Expertise with TCP/ IP, UDP/IP, HTTP, HTTPS and networking protocols
• Extensive knowledge of carrier requirements: ATT, Sprint and Verizon. Knowledge of European and/or APAC carrier requirements would also be desirable
• Experience with debuggers, protocol analyzers, network simulators, etc
• Experience with configuration management, code review and tracking tools
Job ID:Req-9933
Job Title:Systems Engineer
Description:Our client has an urgent need for a Systems Engineer with the following skills:

1) Our client is currently in process of rolling out a new Terminal Management System (TMS) that runs on a Windows 2008 virtualized server farm. The application name is TMW Suite. It is augmented by Microsoft Dynamics (aka Great Plains) and a document archive application called Synergize.
2) TMW Suite utilizes a Windows print spooler and the Epson Print driver is behaving with intermittent stoppage in data flow, thus hardcopy output stops on the Epson DFX9000 printer. Power cycling the printer is required to resume printing. Options to resolve this may include an alternative print spooler, or alternative print driver, or working with resources at Epson to resolve the software problem.
3) There is the possibility that the print problem is network related. There has been issues with Sonicwall firewalls for over 10 years and the current systems provider (BCCS) refuses to recognize that the company network issue is both chronic and insidious.
4) The right candidates should have a solid understanding of VMware and Microsoft .Net. TMW Operations is a .Net application and suffers memory leaks. A systems engineer with .Net experience and VMWare may be able to provide insight to TMW to facilitate their application troubleshooting.
5) The company is utilizing Terminal Server technology so the candidate should be familiar with this technology. The question is if the better deployment option for application servers might be virtual workstations, so this skill set is also desirable.
6) The current legacy TMS (Autohaul) is an old SCO 5 application that is doing much more work than it was designed to handle. It is accessed by a telnet client and network connectivity issues result in damage to the Autohaul database. Network stabilization or deployment of the telnet client from a Windows VM are two solution options. Familiarity with these technologies is desired.
Job ID:Req-9935
Job Title:Channel Manager
Description:Our client is looking for an experienced Channel Manager to assist. The Channel Manager will be supporting our business division to generate sales of Hosted IP PBX, SIP Trunking, and Wholesale solutions. These solutions offer a significant competitive advantage to customers in terms of cost savings, productivity increases, convenience and ease of use.

• Prospect for Agent Partners including Interconnects, IT companies, Master Agents, MSP’s and entrepreneurs.
• Train Agents on our products, services and systems.
• Assist Agents with bill analysis and proposals
• Exceed monthly sales quotas.
• Maintain account relationships
• Quickly develop a thorough knowledge and understanding of the Company’s products and continually enhance skills on how to apply that knowledge to solve Agent needs.
• Position requires an existing thorough knowledge of competitive offerings, systems and dealers, with the ability to use that knowledge to overcome objections raised by prospects.
• Minimum 2 years in Channel Manager position
• Knowledge of hosted and/or premise based phone systems
• Some travel
• Work from home office (computer, phone and other expenses provided)
Job ID:Req-9936
Job Title:Services and Support Assistant Manager
Description:Our client provides service to their customers via telephone and e-mail. The available position is for an Assistant Manager of Support. You’ll lead the team, supervise the workflow, facilitate communication, and improve processes. You’ll also provide support and service to those customers as needed.

Things we are looking for in you:
• Passion and commitment to providing the best possible service to customers
• Strong understanding of process development and lean principals
• Self-motivation with attention to detail
• The ability to use logic to rationalize workflow efficiency and adherence
• Natural curiosity with a passion for learning
• Deep desire to help others be successful
• Strong sense of the value of customer service and the drive for exceptional results
• Team oriented with experience in team development, coaching, mentoring and motivating individual performance and continuous development
• Ability to multi-task, while simultaneously address complex situations and events with professionalism and efficiency
What you can expect:
• Fast paced, high demand environment supporting multiple functional areas with various service level requirements
• Working with a company that is committed to customer service being a critical function of their business success and value
• You will work in an environment that embraces continuous improvement, creative thinking, and empowers those that take action in the interest of the customer and the company
• You’ll become part of the culture that strives to provide customers with a service experience that has a positive impact on their day
Position Responsibilities:
• Ensures that productivity, customer service and financial performance standards are met consistently
• Establishes a positive working relationship with all clients and sales teams
• Assists customers and Service / Support Representatives with special requests and resolves problems in a positive manner
• Creates incentives, contests and similar activities to create a challenging and fun environment
Job ID:Req-9937
Job Title:PHP Developer.
Description:Our client has an available position is for a senior PHP developer to help create killer phone features that’ll change the way people communicate. You’ll be helping to roll out the latest and greatest in technology to keep the world connected and happy.

Must Haves

• Self motivated and eager to learn (and teach!)
• Good team player who can interact with developers, project managers and QA alike
• 3+ years of solid PHP experience
• Strong understanding of object oriented design
• SQL experience and ability to create schemas, write queries and optimize for performance
• Familiarity with HTML, Javascript, MySQL, XML
• Focus on maintainability, scalability and quality
• Complete understanding of the software lifecycle.

Nice to haves.

• Zend framework experience
• Telecom, or VoIP experience
• jQuery guru
• Computer Science or Engineering Degree
• Billing platform experience
• Understanding of Agile development (scrum)
• Test driven development
Job ID:Req-9938
Job Title:Technical Writer
Description:• Ability to dive into and document new system with little guidance, but must not be afraid to ask questions
• Self starter
• Writing skills must be excellent, with the ability to write in a clear and concise manner and to be able to convey information appropriately for a variety of audiences.
• Must be able to use Microsoft products without direction for documenting
• Must be able to use Snag-it to capture screen shots
• Must be detailed in documenting processes, needs an appreciation for graphics and formatting as well as illustration skills.
• Must provide sample of work BEFORE interview process.
Job ID:Req-9939
Job Title:Front End Web Developer
Description: Our client is looking full-stack engineer who loves the Front-End and knows a thing or two about design. An individual who knows how to build web applications, but is passionate about building interfaces that users love to use. Their stack is built with Python and Django, but they are just getting started-they have created a MVP and are now adopting new technologies like ember.js to make an amazing experience for our users.
Our client is building a multisided platform for small business lending. One day you can employ your skills to help small businesses get the capital they need to grow and another be working on our lender trading platform to help investors manage their portfolios, maximize their yield and understand the risk and rewards of investing in small business debt.

Skills & Requirements:
• Top-notch software engineering
• Self-directed, independent and has experience owning complete features/products
• Proficiency in web application programming fundamentals (OOP, LAMP, REST)
• Substantial experience developing real-world web applications on the front-end using CSS, JS with libraries such as Bootstrap and experience developing on the backend in one or more major language & frameworks (Rails, PHP, Python) using MVC framework or architecture.
• Python/Django is a major plus, but we can teach you
• B.S., M.S., or Ph.D. in Computer Science or equivalent
Job ID:Req-9940
Job Title:Sr. Embedded Software Engineer (Contract)
Description: • BS in Engineering or Physical Science or equivalent discipline.
• 8+ years of experience in embedded software design.
• Thorough knowledge of embedded development from low-level board, processor, and device interfaces through higher-level data structures, algorithms, design patterns and architecture is required for this position.
• Knowledge of and experience with software engineering best practices including version control, unit tests, code reviews, etc. is required for this position.
• Strong analytical and applied math skills are required. An engineer with a background in the physical sciences is ideal in this position.
• Outstanding written and verbal communication skills are required.
• Knowledge of signal processing and DSP algorithms, especially as it relates to sonar or radar is a strong plus.

Job ID:Req-9941
Job Title:Embedded Software Engineer
Description:The engineer will be expected to perform system engineering, software requirement analysis, software development, and test procedure generation for wireless communication modules used to improve vehicle safety. The candidate must also possess strong writing skills – the engineer will be required to generate customer-quality documentation.

The system engineering and software requirement tasks will involve studying published standards, customer specifications, and internal requirements, and generating specifications with the applicable requirements for the desired application. The software development tasks will involve developing application software in C for an embedded real-time Linux environment. The test procedure generation tasks will involve writing procedures to verify the product meets the specification.

The candidate must have 5+ years of real-time embedded Linux development experience. Experience with networking, wireless LAN (802.11) or other wireless communication is highly desirable. Experience with public key signing and encryption, security certificate distribution and management, and trusted software is a plus.

BSEE, BSCS, or equivalent is required.
Job ID:Req-9942
Job Title:Network Engineer
• Maintain a thorough understanding of the basics behind the Internet and its workings (DNS, Security,
IP Routing, HTTP, VPN, Email Routing, SPAM, etc.)
• Configure and setup Cisco Firewalls, Cisco switches and Security appliances for access to vital
business applications
• Design, setup and configure complex switching environments
• Design, setup and configure complex wireless networking that supports open or secured access and
the ability to support voice and video applications
• Maintain a thorough understanding of Local Area Networking
• Assist in the design of multi-server environments including IP address schemes, DNS, WINS, Ether-
Channel (Bonding), etc.
• Configuring ports on switches
• Maintaining multi-site network operations and software applications, operating systems and regular
maintenance with both private and public facilities
• Managing assigned projects and program components to deliver services in accordance with
established objectives.
• Responding to inquiries from staff, administrators, service providers, site personnel and outside
vendors and etc. to provide technical assistance and support
• Supervising the administration of systems and servers related network to ensure availability of services
to authorized users.
• Troubleshooting malfunctions of network hardware and software applications, telephones and security systems to resolve operational issues and restore services.
• Any other duties as assigned by management
• Current CCNA and/or CCDA certification
• Cisco Unified Communication Manager configuration and infrastructure a plus
• Windows Server 2003 & 2008; Exchange and/or SQL experience a plus
• Knowledge of VoIP implementation and support
• Maintain network security through proper configuration of VPN and Firewalls
• Strong organizational skills and ability to multi-task in a small business environment
• Must hold a valid driver’s license with no restrictions and possess reliable transportation